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Six Heartbeats

Navigating Madrid’s vibrant cultural scene has never been easy, the information is dispersed around the Internet without any centralized place holding a comprehensive collection of information. 

Many times friends have written to Virginia, my partner or to me as we updated our IG stories while attending an exhibition, a concert or a party: where are you? We wanted to help our friends and start a project together. This is why we created Six Heartbeats, a newsletter that suggests six plans in Madrid every week:

  • A concert
  • An art exhibition
  • An event: workshop, theatre, movie or talk
  • A party
  • A record or a DJ mix
  • An article, usually in long-form read

Newsletters usually die when the creation process becomes a burden. We tried to avoid that as much as we could. And we set additional restrictions: using English for our ex-pat friends, promoting the local cultural scene, and be ourselves in our curation. We were completely aware that authenticity is the main reason people would subscribe to the newsletter.

The project has been a small success, with more than 500 subscriptions in just a few months and above twenty editions. The time of elaboration is about one evening, at the moment we are considering a new design that facilitates the publication process even more.

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