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Self-Care en Casa

Self-Care en casa is a project with a mission is to build bridges between experimental music, the performative arts in the context of a community. The project, a collaboration between the music collective Self-Care and Casabanchel, a community art space located in the a south neighborhood of Madrid.

Proposing radically different formats, outside the club and threading relations between the performance, dance, poetry and spoken word or even meditational practicess. The project helps artists develop their practice and step out of well trotten roads by those collaborations. It also proposes accesible paths to the avant-garde.

Every event occurs dufing the light hours, and runs under a designated theme, the artist curation and collaborations revolving around. An artist is commisioned to intervene the space under the theme. The project started on 2019, the second edition was celebrated in February 2020. Both editions were sold out.

The team

Javier Muñoz
Jorge Varela
Marko Zednik
Jacobo García
Urba B. Moreno
David Hervias
Deborah Levy

Photo credits: Nahúm Garcia, Rebeka Arce