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Positive DevOps

Positive DevOps is one of the first bootcamps dedicated to train students on DevOps, a set of cultural practices and tools focused on improving delivery and reliability in software development.
A personal initiative along development studio ASPgems. My motivation was to hand over 12 years of experience as an engineer to my alumni. The course was a mixed venture, with an in-person and an online part.

Designing a course from scratch on just 5 months, with at least 12 students enrolled became an enourmous challenge.

Leading a team of 3 part-time collaborators plus me working full-time, I was required to deliver on several different areas, many of them new to me.

Those areas were: Product design, brand, online marketing and SEO, customer acquisition, evangelist, programme elaboration and professor.

The course was a success with a participation of 16 students.

One key learning: how to design a comprehensive programme which is adaptable to different profiles of students with different expectations?