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The final project for the Strategic Design course at La Nave Nodriza. With the design challenge how can we improve women's well being with digital products and services? I put the focus on the problems tech companies face hiring diverse talent and developing inclusion policies.

My role in the project was end-to-end, from research to prototyping.

Making the case for a product

For job-seekers figuring out layers of company culture, deciphering commitments and requirements infused with corporate language is a difficult task. Women and minorities indicate a strong preference to understand product, values and practices before joining a company.

For small and medium-sized companies developing a comprehensive strategy on diversity requires knowledge, resources and budget.

How it works?

The product core is a twofold evaluation process: companies participate in evaluations to receive feedback on their policies, culture and values, plus they can use the score as a brand tool for attracting diverse talent. Companies have incentives to self-evaluate and provide honest and transparent information.

For job seekers, the service assists them to assess a company before joining it while helping Ponder to balance the company information.


After two months focused on the project I have collected a few questions that I’ve been continuously asking myself:
  • Is technology a good mediator between companies and individuals just by providing an assessment based on crowdsourced information?
  • Are companies willing to disclose information on culture and values in exchange for better chances at hiring diverse talent?
  • Will women and minorities trust a so-called neutral platform that is financed by the companies that are advertised in it?
  • How to ensure that the platform is a neutral authority on diversity and inclusion?
  • On being a platform with values and using design to reflect them.

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