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Lush Fades 

A music mix is nothing more than a set of songs threaded in a specific way. A song is selected because it goes along well with the previous one, in a strictly musical sense. The selector detects and manipulates shared properties present in both songs to create this threading, some of those properties could be: matching tempos, keys that go along well in the circle of fifths or just shared moods.

For Lush Fades we invented a new process of doing mixes. In a conceptual way, songs are chosen because they belong to a concept determined beforehand, like songs that have animal sounds on them. Other times songs are arranged to tell a story: the names of the songs in the tracklist create a poem. The narrative is twofold: it exists in the traditional, musical sense, but also a new story emerges, based in concepts and words.

Recording a concept mix is a time-consuming task, it requires investigating and finding the right songs, testing threadings to see if they work in both narratives. But it is a fascinating process of musical discovery. Every mix comes along with a collaboration with a visual artist, designer or illustrator and a text that accompanies the piece.

Lush Fades