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La Terraza Magnética

La Terraza Magnética is the summer concert series at La Casa Encendida, a cultural centre in the idiosyncratic neighbourhood of Lavapiés, Madrid. Part of the Montemadrid Foundation it’s one of the most recognized cultural entities in the city.

The programme, a staple of the sizzling, almost empty summer nights of Madrid oscillates between left-of-field and accessible international, electronic acts. Every Sunday in July and August people walks up to the terrace to watch the concert, right before dusk. 

For 2020 the selected theme is the spiritualities of today and how technology acts as a mediator in the context of meta-modernism. With my co-curator, Silvia Bianchi, we delivered an initial proposal, presenting a diverse range of acts and genres where the theme was present, literally or on a more contemporary approximation.

The COVID lockdown stopped the project for two months. Then, a new brief arrived: la Casa Encendida will stream eight concerts of local artists from the terrace.

This new brief presented many drawbacks: getting the attention of the audience in a context of unconfinement, booking only local artists that tend to have less appeal, finding acts that fit in the diverse thematic vision we had. Finally, a third of the budget was lost.

Even more important, you can't translate a real-life concert to an online experience.

To prepare a contra-proposal, we researched formats that would benefit from the mediation of the screen and encourage interaction, expanded the selection beyond music: yoga, meditation, art-performance, A/V shows or modern dance. New formats and acts lead us to explore altering broadcast times to adequate mood and performance.

We developed a strategy to redesign the experience of La Terraza Magnetica in three weeks, in cooperation with designers, videographers and the culture team at the centre. By playing with the programming plus narrative, visual identity and filming methods a new story emerged: La Terraza Magnética would become a portal, virtual-connecting the city and its artists with their peers all over the world, the motto: Conexión Astral (Astral Connection).

In the following link you can visit the complete programme.
Image credits: Nat M. Waterman for La Casa Encendida.